Betting Trends For 2019 Belmont Stakes That Will Ensure A Winning Punt

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The final leg of the U.S Triple Crown Series is underway. The 2019 Belmont Stakes will take place on June 8, 2019, in the race track of Elmont Park, Belmont, New York. The same with the other two major horse racing tournaments that make up the Triple Crown Series, the Belmont Stakes is graced by three-year-old colts which will all compete to win the prize at stake in Grade 1 category.

Moreover, as you may have already known, the Preakness Stakes has recently concluded last May 18, 2019, in Pimlico Park and it was War of Will who won the said competition. With his emphatic and inarguably win in the Preakness, he is now ready to compete in the “Run for the Carnations” on Saturday.

While the exciting vibe is filling the air of Elmont Park, this is the first that the Triple Crown Series will not expect a Triple Crown winner this year. This is due to the fact that the first leg of the series which is the Kentucky Derby had faced the most controversial season this year. Looking back, it was Maximum Security who won the first place in the Kentucky Derby but a few minutes after he was disqualified due to a “bumping at the pole incident”. With this reason, the second finisher Country House took the Kentucky Crown.

Following his disqualification, Maximum Security declares an exit right away avoiding the Preakness and Belmont Stakes. On the other hand, Country House wasn’t able to compete in the Preakness because he was sick and needs a lot of time to recover. This is why the horse racing community can’t expect a Triple Crown titleholder this year. Remember that in order for a colt to be a Triple Crown title holder, he must win the three horse racing tournament namely Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes.

While it is true that all horse racing fans can’t expect a Triple Crown winner this year, the Belmont Stakes ensures that they will still give a great show. This is for the reason that the betting games and categories haven’t changed despite the issues of the previous racing games. All racing fans can still expect the great value of odds and prizes at stake are still on the run.

As of this time, the list of the Belmont Stakes horse racers was all set and final and everyone is looking forward for an excellent racing show. Betting Guides are also available for everyone to look which horse racer may give the highest value. Like the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes, the Belmont Stakes still offers the “Win”, “Place”, and “Show” betting categories. If you want to bring your betting game to a more exciting and interesting level, you can also partake in Exacta, Trifecta, Superfecta, and Quinella betting categories.

The Belmont Betting Trends

For most professional bettors, they put a lot of effort when it comes to placing the right bets. This is to make sure that they earn more profits whenever they wage a huge amount of money. In the same manner, they even conduct a thorough research about their entries, check each trainer and jockey’s background, and most importantly they review the racing forms of each thoroughbred racer. This is always what they do to make sure they win.

While this may be true, let’s also not forget that there are neophytes who will bet for the upcoming Belmont Stakes. That said if you are not sure enough which horse racer you wanted to wage, here’s a quick and effective tip you can use to place the right bets. These are called the betting trends and it makes a lot of sense to consider this as you go ahead and pick the winning horse racer.

Gate Position

Take note that there will only be ten horse racers who will run for the Belmont Stakes. In this way, the gate position the colt contributes a lot to the ability of the colt to saddle up.

Long Shots

The favorites do not always win. This is observed in the recent Kentucky Derby where the favorites like Game Winner and Improbable didn’t make the top spot. Thus, it’s best that you do not ignore those entries who got double odds as they might have a higher chance of winning.

Breeding  and Performance

Through the years of Belmont Stakes and Triple Crown Series, a lot may have witnessed that past winners are also sires of colts who had been superstars of big racing tournaments. In this case, you might consider picking a  bet with a winning breed.

Moreover, the previous performances of each colt can also affect their Belmont Stakes standings. In that case, you can quickly review the racing form of each horse racer to ensure that you pick the most competitive one.

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