Basic horse racing betting tips you have to know

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Horse racing betting is growing in popularity right now because winning can be incredibly exciting. Most people think that it is really difficult to be successful when you bet on such an event due to the random nature of the winners but in reality, there are some clear ways in which professionals make a lot of money through really smart choices. If you want to have some success as you use recommendations for horse racing betting, here are the tips you need to remember.

Handpick Races

Even if you are successful at predicting numerous horse races, it is a very good idea to be highly restrictive when it comes to what you will bet on. When you bet on all races or simply many of them, it is incredibly hard to be successful. What you should do is look for those horse races that have small top tiers, preferably with just 1 or 2 horses. Also, you should skip the races where there are horses that you do not know much about since some of them might be dark horses.

Carefully Choose Bet Types

Conserving bankrolls is a fundamental principle in horse racing but you should be ready to commit a part of the bankroll in order to make a truly proper bet on promising races. There are numerous exotic wagers like Superfectas, Pick 6s and Pick 4s that can bring in a very good income, as long as you have a bankroll that is large enough to place such a bet. In the event that you cannot afford exotic bets, make sure you stick to those that are simple, like Show/Win/Place or Doubles.

Analyze Recent Workouts

In order to gauge the ability of a horse, looking at the recent workouts is a really good thing to look at. Most people look at past performances but these only indicate basic ability. When you choose between 2 horses that do have similar ability, the best choice is the horse that now shows the best possible form. Workout quality can also be taken into account.

Dirt Or Turf

A horse is mainly a turf horse or a track horse. It is incredibly rare for a horse to perform in the same way on both of these surfaces. This is mainly due to breeding since there are physical aspects that are going to make one horse better on dirt or turf. In the event that you see a horse that does not perform well on dirt and there are promising workouts for short distances, there is a really good possibility that the horse can actually perform really well when running on turf. The exact opposite also applies.

Track Condition Counts

Last but not least, this is something that you should always take into account, even if handicappers usually do not. There are horses that perform a lot better on dry tracks and horses that are incredibly good if the track is wet. This is a rule that applies to both turf and dirt.

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