Horse Racing: top strategies for betting

Horse racing has been around for a very long time indeed, and it still continues to gain a lot of fans and enthusiasts today. Without a doubt, horse racing is thrilling, exciting, and nerve-wracking at the same time, and it’s one of the most popular sports ever.

Whether you enjoy placing the odd bet on your favourite horse and jockey combo, or consider yourself a professional punter, you should know that there are certain betting strategies for horse racing that have been proven to work. Just like other situations where you place a bet, like playing basic blackjack, betting on horse racing requires a level head and an unemotional, logical mind. So, here are the top strategies experts suggest if you want to be consistently successful betting on horses.

Become a specialist

Find a type of horse racing you can ‘sink your teeth into’ rather than simply placing bets on random races. During the summer, there is a frenzy of activity in horse racing, but this doesn’t mean that you should bet on every single race. Find an area which you can specialise in, such as novice hurdles. Watch and study every race in this category – become an expert. This can help you make better betting decisions.

Create a database

Another way to be successful at betting is to create your own database. Once you have found the type of race you want to specialise in, create a database and input all relevant data regarding races, horses, form, jockeys, etc. There are some ready-made databases available to make this task easier; all you have to do is input your own views beside the expertanalysis provided.

Record your bets

Within your database, or separately, keep a record of each bet you place every week or month. You can then analyse your bets and clearly see your betting stats, performance, and best-value picks. The key to becoming a successful horse racing punter is to place bets which have value – if the bet has no value, then there’s little sense in placing it.

Don’t be emotional

It’s difficult sometimes, especially if you feel you’re on a losing streak, but you need to keep your emotions in check. Never, ever try betting on a horse and jockeybased on gut instinct or desperation simply because you are frustrated and would like to try and recoup your losses. Patience is a virtue that you’ll need to master to be a successful horse racing punter. You need to be patient, learn to study the data, and bet only when the statistics indicate the bet is favourable. Having a concrete plan, a well-grounded betting strategy, will eventually lead to your long-term success.

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